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Pumpkin Spice Oreo

I really love these! One of my new fall favorites!

Mikayla with the Furbabies

These furbabies love Mikayla. I catch them like this all the time.

OS X Yosemite

Upgraded my iMac to Yosemite the day it was released. Really loving it! Its beautiful plus I love getting my phone calls through my Mac.

McCafe Pumpkin Spice Latte

I first tried the pumpkin spice latte from McDonalds last year. I was instantly hooked!

Mikayla will read anywhere

This girl will read anywhere.


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Country Girl

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Country Girl

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I Heart Faces – Beautiful Eyes

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Photo Challenge Submission

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Meet TaTa

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We have a new furbaby. Her name is TaTa, I think, she doesn't seem to answer to it. Maybe I'm saying it wrong?


Anyway, last Friday while browsing my Facebook feed I see a post that the animal shelter had a female chihuahua. When I first saw her she was hiding and shaking in her cell. I don't think the two huge dogs in cells next to her, that would not stop barking, was helping her nerves a bit. She was also in a cell with some other type of dog, which I think was a poodle or something close to it. This dog had come in with her. They said that the reason they were in there is because the owner rented and the landlord wouldn't allow them to keep the dogs anymore.

When we finally got her out I held her for about ten minutes. At first she was very scared but seemed to calm down. The animal shelter workers informed me that she would need some work as she was very shy and skittish.

We were not able to bring home at the time of adoption due to being spayed and chipped. I was told that it would be Tuesday before she would come home with me. I was surprised when they called me about four hours later to pick her up the next morning.

As of today she seems not to be so skittish. She is getting over her shyness more and more every day. She is leash trained. She does not like being outside without a leash on her. I tried not using a leash and she just runs back to the front door and sits there wanting back inside. Hence why the photo above is in front of my front door. As we live in the county we do not put a leash on our dogs. Walking a dog on a leash is new to me. I have never had one to cooperate on one. Every dog I have had would just stand there looking very confused.

TaTa demands attention ALL.THE.TIME. unless she is asleep. If you are not giving her attention she will whine. I have figured out that the pointing of a finger and a stern hush will quiet her down for about ten minutes. I do feel that she was a very spoiled dog with her previous owners.

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First Week of School 2014

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The kids have been in school for a week now. Landun started the fourth grade and Mikayla started the 7th. This puts them both on totally different schedules. I am slowly getting into a routine.

In the morning I get up at 5:30 in order to get Landun on the bus at 5:50, which is the same as last year. Only last year they both got on the bus at the same time. Mikayla's bus comes at 7:15. I am not a morning person so having to stay up almost two hours is torture to me, especially since I don't make it to bed til 1am or 2am at the latest. I am a night owl. After both kids are off to school I head back to bed and sleep til 11am - 12pm.

Landun comes home from school at 2:45pm. Which gives him an hour and a half home without his sister. He is able to do his homework peacefully. If his sister were here they'd be fighting as soon as they stepped off the bus together. Landun is coming home in a good mood and happily doing his homework. Looks like this year is off to a good start.

So far both of them seem to be doing good. Mikayla started at a new school this year. This new school was where I attended high school. They converted it into a middle school since we got a new high school (that looks like a college campus) a few years ago. It is a very difficult school to navigate, so you get lost very easily. Don't know who thought building a school in pods was a good idea back in the 70's.

Here are some photos that I took of the kids a few days ago:

20140824-_MG_3856 fb

20140824-_MG_3839 fb

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