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Photographers That Inspire Me

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As a photographer, I love looking a other photographers work for inspiration. I could spend hours sitting here browsing the internet looking though photos of various photographers. Here is a list of a few photographers that I really think you should check out.

  1. Chris Austin : A landscape photographer from Charlotte, NC.
  2. Meg Bitton : A portrait photographer from New York.
  3. Jacky Jean Photography : A portrait photographer
  4. Azul Photography raleigh wedding photographers
  5. Jen Reley Photography
  6. Work of Heart Photography
  7. Crave My Photography 

What photographers inspire you?

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Rhode Island Red

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Kids Free Weekend

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Its not that often that we get a kids free weekend. Here lately we have been getting at least one a month. The kids have so many friends and family members that they love to spend the weekend with. If it was up to them, every weekend would be kids free. I love having the kids around (unless they are fighting) so that wouldn’t work with me.

As soon as we were kid free we went to Krispy Kreme, where I had two chocolate covered cream filled doughnuts and a small Iced Mocha. The we ended up at Ross’ where I bought myself an outfit for under $20. Had an argument with DH about how Wal-Mart clothes are better. Seriously?!?! Apparently Ross’ is not good for guys clothes but its great for women’s. Most of my clothes comes from there. The rest come from thrift stores.

After that we ended up at Wal-Mart, because what kid free weekend would be complete without a trip or two to Wal-Mart? It never fails…We always end up there a time or two. So far, we’ve been three times.

After leaving Wal-mart we headed north to a club in Charlotte, NC. Since we don’t really go to Charlotte that much we used the GPS which sent us through all the loops and interstates possible. It is very stressful every time we go to Charlotte. Getting lost is very easy! After a very stressful hour of riding we finally got to our destination. We stayed there for about three hours. I had only two beers.  On the way back we decided to try to follow signs instead of using the GPS. Turns out we only needed to use one interstate and it was a straight shot home. We know better next time!

On the way back we hit up Wal-Mart again for some snacks. Came home and watched “Devils Knot.” Then we were in bed around 3am and slept til 1pm. A few hours after that we were at Wal-Mart again buying groceries for supper.

So, I checked on the kids today. They are having fun on their weekend away. Apparently Landun is having lots of fun trying to catch goats so that he can ride them. Not sure if he actually go to or not. Mikayla is having lots of fun with her friend whose birthday is this weekend.

Tonight is just a regular night of hanging around the house, on the computer or watching TV.

Can’t wait to see the kids tomorrow! This place is too quiet!


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Fearing the Weather

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Over the past two days I have been obsessed with the weather. The weather man had forecasted lots of severe weather, which has not really happened yet. We did have a small storm that woke me at 2:30am. Of course I had to get out of bed and watch the radar til it was over.

I have not been able to sleep much last night due to stressing over whether the kids will be riding the bus in a storm or not. I am glad that as of right now it looks that it will be clear for them.

I have always had a fear of tornadoes. I have never seen or been in one and I hope to remain that way. Up until November 2011 I didn’t think that they were possible in my area. Then a tornado touched down not even 15-20 miles from my house, killing 3 people and destroying homes. Lucky for me, I was in Charlotte, NC at a Taylor Swift concert. If I had been home, I’d probably would have had lots of panic attacks.

I love this time of the year, but I can’t stand the storms. Even the smallest ones make me very nervous and paranoid. This problem use to be worse when I lived in a mobile home, where the roof is tin and you can hear every little drop of rain. The sound of heavy rain during a thunderstorm made me very dizzy, which didn’t help out a bit. Now, a normal non stormy rain didn’t bother me. My paranoia has eased up a bit since I have lived in a house for the past four years and can barely hear a thing but thunder.

I am hoping that we get through today without any severe weather.

Do you fear the weather when things get severe? If so, what helps to calm you down at those times?


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Spring Concert 2014

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Last Thursday Mikayla had her finial beginning band concert. I made sure to get some photos of her dressed up in her concert uniform before heading to the school. She hates the outfit that she has to wear, especially since it is a boys outfit. It was easier and cheaper to find that way. Now I can pass it down to her brother in a year or two.

She was very nervous before the concert as expected. The band played four songs and did very good at playing them.

_MG_2821 copy


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Easter 2014

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I know I am about a week late on blogging about Easter, but here it goes.

We spent Easter at my parents as we do every year. We ate a lot of food, had the kids hunt eggs and our usual photo shoot with MawMaw. This year we had to take photos inside on my Mamas closed in porch (sun room?) because the grass was soaked for all the heavy rain we had gotten the day before.

Here are the photos of Mama with the girl grandkids and the boy grandkids. For some reason we never got around to taking one with all.


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Wordless Wednesday

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_MG_2547 fb

I was lucky that we were able to find these wings in an storage bin auction sale a few weeks ago. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to use them in a photo. Today, Mikayla and I decided to play with them a little bit.

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Music Monday

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I haven’t done a Music Monday in like forever, so I thought I’d do one.

The song I’m loving this week is “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert.

The song reminds me of what it was like before I got all addicted to computers, the internet and a cell phone.

The song mentions recording songs off the radio. I used to do that a lot. I had tapes everywhere!

The song mentions clothes hanging on a line. I have also hung clothes out on a line to dry. I was around 8-10 years old when I last used a clothes line. Because I was so short I had to stand on the the basket to get to the line. I remember lots of summer days doing this with my sister. I remember having to pay close attention to the weather. Spent many times running out to the lines to yank everything down before it rained. Then having to hang them up a second time, and sometimes a third. Gotta love the south and their stormy summers! I don’t think that I have the patience to do this now. Although the thought has crossed my mind, in order to save on the power bill in the summertime.

The song also mentions writing letters. I use to write a lot of them. Now, I barely pick up a pen unless it is to sign my name. Thats ok with me, because I really hate my hand writing!

Here is the video to the song. I really like it!

What song are you loving right now?

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